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Hopefully, you have found the articles at Narcissism, addictions, Abuse helpful. Perhaps, though, you could benefit as well from other articles I've written which appear at my related website which deals with being codependent and healing from your codependency—via personal development and spiritual growth.

Of course, you may first need to face up to the realities of your relationship—to accept, for instance, that perhaps it's filled with what Dr. Phil would label deal breakers. And yes indeed, I suspect that both he and I would agree that the trio of narcissism, addictions, and abuse fall into this category. That said, sometimes it helps to know something about the new road or journey on which you’re apt to find yourself in the future--assuming you do ultimately decide to make a relationship change. As the late Dr. Stephen Covey taught us in his best-seller, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, it typically helps, when you intend to create change, to start with the end in mind. This can provide you with motivation to keep putting on foot in front of the other even in the toughest of times versus remaining stick or willing to just continually spin your wheels.

So, why not give that website and its articles at least a once-over. Pay attention to what resonates with you--and ignore what doesn't. But of course, don’t hesitate to return later to check out that website and its articles time and time again, if necessary. After all, sometimes on this type of journey, something doesn’t appeal because it isn’t in sync with where you are at emotionally at that point in time. But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be exactly what you need to hear or learn at a later point. Meanwhile,let me wish you the best, certainly.

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