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This is something from Google that allows us to have a conversation--though not a live one. You can post a comment similarly to how you might at a blog. Then, if you are interested, you can return to see if people have responded to your comment.

To increase the odds that this goes well for all users, please abide by a basic ground rule: Treat others who have posted as you would like to be treated. Most everyone who is here at this site has probably endured enough verbal abuse to last a lifetime. Thus, if you disagree with something that has been said, for example, politely beg to differ, and then move forward and make your point without attacking the other person—or using offensive language. Since I am at least partly about helping people to improve their relationships through such means as respectful communication, let’s ensure that the discussion here models this. Otherwise, I may be forced to remove this forum.

Of course, I indeed hope that this works out well for each and every one of you—that you benefit from both posting as well as reading each others’ comments.

Thank you for taking the time to participate.


Diane England