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You will find a number of articles at Narcissism Addictions Abuse that relate to the website's name and are targeted at women since indeed, most narcissists are men. Dr. England wrote these articles at different times and for different purposes so, as a result,the content of the articles which follow this introduction will not flow as the content of a book likely would. Therefore, you are encouraged to just read through the articles as you see fit since they're not in any particular order.

Before you get started with your reading, though, you should know that the intent of these articles and this website is to educate the woman about narcissism and the narcissist, to discuss the types of addictions the narcissist is likely to exhibit, and to talk about the types of abuse the narcissist will likely engage in, too. In other words, as has been stated on the home page of Narcissism Addictions Abuse, the assumption is that the reader is still in a relationship with an abusive narcissist and somewhat confused about what is happening in their relationship or marriage--or why the man she loves is being so abusive when likely, he wasn't originally. Thus, if you are a woman seeking healing from being in an abusive relationship with a narcissist, you'll want to check out Dr. England's site that deals with codependency and being codependent no more. You'll see a link on the left for the "Codependency Articles."

Dr. England also wishes to alert you that there may be some duplication of concepts or content within some of the articles. Hopefully, though, this will merely facilitate learning since sometimes an idea expressed in a slightly different way will resonate more with an individual than the previous rendition did. At least, she hopes that there is not the type of redundancy that proves annoying!

Certainly, Diane England encourages you, as you red through these narcissism, addictions and abuse articles, to do what the twelve-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous(AA) or Al-Anon suggest--or you should take what you like and leave the rest. That said, though, Dr. England would appreciate it if you would answer the poll question regarding the usefulness of this website. Also, please share this website or any of its articles with your friends on Facebook and recommend it to others via clicking on the button from Google, too. With regard to the latter, since having a number of people click on the Google buttons will likely ensure better rankings of the articles and website--meaning more people should come to see the articles--Dr. England would certainly appreciate your help. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this.

Now, here's wishing you happy and productive reading!

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