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Okay, so here I am writing about his narcissism, addictions, and abuse (since the majority of narcissists are men). Furthermore, if you'll look at the first copyright date at the bottom of this page, you'll see that I've had this website now since 2005. But the truth is, I've been a licensed clinical social worker writing and talking about these topics since the mid-1990's. (Oh, that makes me feel old. Then again, I am hardly young. But with age comes great wisdom , they say.)

Anyway, perhaps you'll feel even more inclined to see me as a credible source of information if I tell you that I'm also the author of a how-to/self-help book. Furthermore, it was designated as one of the "BEST BOOKS OF 2009" by the Library Journal.

Indeed, I'm most grateful that The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Relationship: How to Support Your Partner and Keep Your Relationship Healthy, published by Adams Media (now an imprint of Simon and Schuster, so you'll find me on the list of Simon and Schuster authors) was acknowledged in this way. But then, I'm very serious about trying to help people through my writing (and certainly with the book, it was made even better because I had demanding editors who really knew what they were doing and helped me to improve my manuscript immensely). That all said, I also have the education and credentials you'd expect to see for someone offering the type of information I do. In addition to these, however, I've also been on the receiving end of at least some of the things of which I write. Hence, I'd like to believe I can reach women with my honesty and authenticity in a way some writing on these topics can not.

Yes,I understand that you can think you've achieved the life of your dreams, only to have to stand by helplessly and watch it all implode. And then because I'm older, I realize that sometimes, too, what can seem to be the worst possible thing that could have happened, in time frees you up for new opportunities--opportunities that lead you down a new pathway which takes you to places you'd never have dreamed.

In my case, it was in mid-life going to live and work with our Air Force and some Army families at a NATO base in northern Italy. Then, while overseas, I became inspired to draft a couple of novels. After returning to the States and settling in New Hampshire to be near elderly parents who'd retired in Hanover, I felt inspired to write the PTSD relationship book because I knew we'd have warriors returning stateside wounded by post-traumatic Stress disorder. Of course, their spouses and children would be negatively impacted by the arrival of PTSD into the family, too. So, what tools could I provide to minimize damage and facilitate recovery for these families?

By the way, I believe may novels are about ready for primetime, as is another self-help book I've written for the woman striving to recover from being in a relationship with a partner exhibiting one or more of the trio of narcissism, addictions, and abuse. So, you might want to watch for these books in the near future. Right now, though, let me present the more typical information you were probably expecting to read in this section of my website.

I'm a licensed clinical social worker with a Ph.D. in clinical social work from the University of Texas at Arlington. In addition, I have Masters in Family Studies from Oregon State University and a Bachlor's in Child Development from the University of Maine. I've taught in a graduate school of social work, engaged in private practice, was in management positions with two of the largest voluntary heath organizations in the United States at both state and national levels, served as a specialist in child development and family relations a at the county and state levels for the University of Idaho Cooperative Extension Service, and of course, I ultimately was part of the mental health clinic staff at that NATO base in Italy. Now, I dedicate myself to writing and volunteer work for my active adult community. And yes, you'll typically see three to four of my articles in our local paper on a monthly basis.

Yeah, I've created a new kind of good life for myself. I've been fortunate in that I've been able to dream dreams and live them. I would hope that you might someday do the same. In other words, I want you to come to believe more for yourself than you currently can. I want you to know that indeed, the phoenix can rise from the ashes. Oh, and as long as there is life, there should be hope.

Sure, life can change for the worse in a matter minutes. But it can change for the better in the same amount of time, too. You have to believe that. That said, I personally believe healing needs to involve a spiritual component and, once that is developed and nourished regularly, you'll start to see miracles happening within yourself and your life. But hey, when I finally get that other self-help book out there, you can read about such things then. For now, grab a cup of coffee and focus on this website. And indeed, I hope you find at least some article that creates a positive shift for you. After all, it's always better to know you're taking some sort of action to rectify a negative situation than just remaining stuck in your misery, right?