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Author of a Self-help Book Designated as One of the "BEST BOOKS OF 2009" by "Library Journal"

Dr. Diane England authored a self-help book which made it onto the Library Journal's "Best Books of 2009" list. The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Relationship: How to Support Your Partner and Keep Your Healthy Relationship was released by Adams Media in August, 2009. However, before she wrote this particular self-help book, Dr. England had already developed this website--and hence, had been writing about his narcissism, addictions, and abuse and her likely codependency. She also addressed recovery through personal development and spiritual growth.

Dr. England's PTSD-related self-help book assumes that the reader will most typically be a woman whose partner sufferes from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Also, while The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Relationship was written in anticipation of the fact that many future PTSD sufferers would likely be warriors wounded by this mental disorder, the book is actually written to help the partner of any PTSD sufferer--whether the PTSD is from sexual assault or a car accidient, for example.

If you suspect you may be suffering from PTSD after having lived with a partner who has been absuive due to narcissism, addictions, and abuse--something that is quite possible--you may want to pick up and read this book. In fact, it may help you to decide if you indeed have PTSD symptoms, it will educate you about PTSD treatments, and it will help you develop communication and other skills that should improve your relationship with any future partner--hopefully a kind and loving person instead of someone suffering from narcissism, addictions, and abuse. So indeed, check it out.

Dr. Diane England on Narcissism, Addcitions, and Abuse Plus More Topics such as the Woman's likely Codependency as well as Recovery through Personal Development and Spiritual Growth

Of course, at this site, Dr. Diane Engalnd writes primarily for women who have likely experienced ongoing emotional, verbal abuse and/or sexual abuse--and perhaps other forms of abuse still such as economic abuse--because they are essentially in bad and abusive relationships due to the fact they're hooked up with men who are narcissistic, addicted, and are abusive--three things that often occur together. Why did Dr. Diane England decide to write on these topics for women? Well, first off, most narcissists are men--although not all of them are, certainly. Also, because she was once married to such a man herself, she has an appreciation of what you and other readers are likely going through. She realizes that it can be confusing as to what is taking place within the relationship. She realizes that it is easy to come to believe the things your partner is feeding you--even though they likely aren't true. And why is this so? Because these men use emotional abuse and verbal abuse, for example, in such a way that you begin to lose touch with your own world view and accept his--as distorted as his is by his pathological level of narcissism and likely abuse of chemical substances, too.

Unlike some people out there writing on narcissism who do so essentially from a personal persepective and with no formal education or credentials in the mental health field, Dr. Diane England indeed has the credentials you would expect of someone providing relationship advie. That said, what you find here at Narcissism, ADdictions, and Abuse is intended to be purely educational and not to be considered as therapy--or this information should not be used in lieu of sound professional advice from a therapist. However, Dr. Diane England is a licnesed clinical social worker who holds a Ph.D. in clinical social work--which nade it possible for her to become licensed to engage in private psychotherapy practice. In addition, she has a Masters in Family Studies from Oregon State University and a Bachlor's in Child Development from the University of Maine. She has taught in a graduate school of social work, engaged in private practice, worked for two of the largest voluntary heath organizations in the United States at both state and national levels, worked at the county and state levels for the University of Idaho Cooperative Extension Service, and worked in family violence prevention as well as suicide prevention while a civilian clinical social worker for the United States military for five years at a base in northern Italy.

Dr. England had always had a dream of living and working abroad, or at least, she developed that dream after she'd listened to a high school friend talk about her family's year abroad while this friend's father was on sabbatical from Princeton University. Nevertheless, Dr. England didn't suspect that she would actually have the opportunity to do so in mid-life. But indeed, a few years after her painful marriage filled with her husband's narcissism, addictions, and abuse ended, she was offered a job that took her to northern Italy. Furthermore, that experience, working with the military and their families-- including during wartime--caused her to realize she had things to share with couples impacted by PTSD when Adams Media approached her with the chance to write The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Relationship . The experiences of that painful marriage also prepared her in many ways to write this book, too. But when Dr. England was in the midst of that abusive marriage, she never suspected that one day she would write a self-help book--never mind one that would be on the list of "Best Books of 2009" compiled by the Library Journal.

Why does Dr. Diane England want you to know all of this about her? Because she suspects that right now, you are feeling helpless and hopeless. While you don't like living in the midst of the your partner's narcissism, addictions, and abuse as you do, you may well be so beaten down that you believe that you have little choice but to continue to do so. However, if you can make yourself take the steps that letting go of your bad relationship will undoubtedly require, and then if you'll engage in activities that propel you on a path of recovery that will likely include walking what Dr. England perceives as a spiritual path (not to be confused with religion and religiosity, although it does require embracing the idea that a higher power--which Dr. Diane England calls God, but you don't have to--is there to support and assist you) you may also someday find yourself doing things that you'd never have imagined for yourself. Of course, while Dr. England makes no promises this will happen for you as it has for her, she certainly prays for such results for you, too!

Do You Know Someone whose Partner is Displaying Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Addictions, and Abuse--Since this Trio Often Appears Together, too? Then Do that Person a Favor and Buy Him or Her "The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Relationship" Today!

Universities, nonprofit organizations, churches, psychotherapists, physicians, support groups, and others seeking to purchase quantities of this book at a discount should contact Customer Service at F&W Media by calling 800-289-0963.